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TQM Law is a full service law firm. We handle all types of business civil litigation, contract disputes, partnership disputes, and shareholder's derivative actions against corporations. We negotiate purchase and sale deals, settlements, and assist in informal mediation.

TQM Law will increase your productivity and lower your costs. That's Total Quality Management. We were trained in the nation's top schools. Our commitment to excellence means we will surpass your highest expectation.

Our work product is of the highest caliber. All projects, motions, and actions are prepared and handled with the utmost attention to detail. TQM Law delivers high quality work quickly and efficiently. We will lower your costs and yield immediate meaningful results.

Our services include:
- Draft pleadings (complaints, demurrers, etc)
- Draft, moving papers, opposition and reply to motions and ex parte applications
- Appearances: Ex parte, law and motion, status conferences
- Prepare discovery responses
- Conduct legal research (with detailed briefs, citations to statutes and supporting cases)

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Centrally located in Century City we are often only a short walk away from your office. We work evenings and weekends to meet your deadlines. Action to be filed tomorrow? Ex parte application to oppose? Forward it to us by 2:00PM and we will professionally handle and argue the matter as necessary (subject to the prior execution of a written retainer agreement).

TQM Law takes the stress out of running your small business. Assign us the project and it will be filed quickly and efficiently. We prepare pleadings to exceed your expectations. We represent our clients aggressively to effectively take cases through trial quickly and effectively. In representing your interests, nothing will get in our way.

Forwarding assignments to TQM Law will allow you more time to concentrate on the matters that truly require your personal dedication. We are proficient in virtually all law and motion proceedings and discovery motions.

We will handle ex parte appearances, status conferences, and law and motion hearings across the LASC system on 24 hours notice.

Employing TQM Law will allow you to file, oppose and reply to motions despite a busy trial schedule, depositions, or lengthy mediation sessions.

Let us change the way you practice: Practice TQM.
Our low hourly rates allow you to focus on the cases that truly require your personal attention. Detailed billing and progress reports will always keep you abreast of the completion dates and exact cost of any project or document you assign to us.
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